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Bilbao Berria

Bilbao Berria has delivered a unique Basque dining experience since 1999 in Bilbao and Barcelona. We have opened the doors to Number 2, Regent Street, London, allowing the most cosmopolitan city in the world to experience our culinary excellence in Basque and Spanish Cuisine.

Pintxos is a combination of ingredients held together with a skewer that can be eaten in one or two mouthfuls without the need for cutlery. It shouldn’t be confused with tapas, which, although originally serves the same purpose, is a reduced portion of food served on a plate rather than a skewer.

Along with pintxos we have an extensive menu of modern Spanish and Basque cuisine. Using carefully selected ingredients and small goods sourced from Spain our menu is modern yet respectful to traditional flavours and techniques.

Meats and fish are roasted in our imported charcoal parrilla which adds unique flavours to our rustic yet sophisticated cuisine.

2 Lower Regent Street


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