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Interview with a bunny rabbit (or two)

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


During rehearsals we popped in and met with the other two stars of the show, the two female bunnies, to bring you an exclusive interview with them.  We introduce you to Principle Bunny and Understudy Bunny.

How are you finding your new home?

Principle Bunny (PB): Love it absolutely lovely.
Understudy Bunny (UB):
I can hop, stretch up on my hind legs and hide in secret places so all the mod cons I could need in a place.

Is it your first time in a rehearsal room?

PB: Yes it is, previously we had spent some time at a breeder’s house, lovely Country place.
I thought we would get really tired but it’s so easy, we get dropped off in our own car, pop in, say hi to the gang,  hang around for a little bit, then leave.

What is Trevor Nunn like?

PB: So, so friendly and welcoming. He let me nibble on his denim, which is one of my new fav past times!
I didn’t get to see Trevor, the understudy rehearsals take place later on. But I did get a cuddle with Kristin Davis who smelt all sorts of lovely.

Tell us something surprising.

PB: Carrot
Oh she’s such a hoot! Interestingly enough we rabbits don’t actually like carrots! Naturally we don’t eat root vegetables, they are high in sugar so should steer clear of them.

Why are there two of you?

PB: Because that’s what’s expected in show business darling. If I am too tired or not in the mood to perform UB steps in.
Well, not just that. It’s for company too, we are much happier when we co-inhabit. Crikey I hope I don’t have to go on – I’m just here for the endless supply of hay!

How does the boiling scene actually work?

PB: I wondered when you’d bring that up! This is a completely separate scene to the one we are actually seen in. By the time the boiling occurs we’re back in our quarters.
PB: Minor details UB, minor details.

How do you enjoy spending your time off?

PB: Our handler is really in tune with our needs and got us a radio (no pun intended). I like to spend Sunday’s listening to Classic FM and Elaine Paige’s show. She cracks me up and I may choose to do a musical next.
UB: I eat hay, sometimes a pellet, drink some water, hop around the hutch, scratch my ears and sleep.

Are you a method rabbit?

PB: Half and Half. I like to get into character a few hours before my scene. But once I’m off I’m back to me.
UB: I love meadows.

On that note we told the bunnies to break a leg and left them to get back to their rehearsals.

Please note: No bunnies have been harmed during the rehearsal or production of Fatal Attraction.


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