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Masterclass members take part in Fatal Attraction Workshop

Monday, October 28th, 2013

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As part of the Theatre Royal Haymarket’s upcoming production of Fatal Attraction due to open in March 2013, seven Masterclass members were given the opportunity to take part in development workshops led by Trevor Nunn which took place across the street at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

We’ve asked the volunteers to share their experiences on how the workshops have been progressing and what they have found useful in terms of their own skills and practices.

 Workshop – Friday 11th October, 2013

Having the incredible opportunity to work with Trevor Nunn and the lead actors in this workshop will be treasured by all of us for a long time. To witness how precise Trevor’s method is and how clear his vision is, really is something to behold. It showed me how vital it is not to overlook the seemingly unimportant parts within a project! Once again thank you to Masterclass & Trevor Nunn! Ralph Aiken

Workshopping Fatal Attraction was an amazing experience. It was an incredible opportunity to observe one of the best directors of our time at work. Everyone worked very hard and stayed totally focused and professional. Being part of creating the initial showing of Fatal Attraction to the producers was a complete privilege and I am so grateful to Masterclass for this splendid opportunity. What fun…I wish we were doing it this week as well! Kim Burnett

Being a part of this rehearsal process has been inspiring: from day one Trevor and the cast have been inclusive, warm and really fostered an ensemble feeling. It’s been fantastic to have been in the room with one of the best directors in the business, watch him at work and be part of his team. It’s an experience money can’t buy, and an opportunity that for a young actor doesn’t come around every day. Thank you Masterclass, and bring on the performance tomorrow! Kyle Ross

What a brilliant experience it was working on the Fatal Attraction workshop with Trevor Nunn. He was so welcoming and generous, and it was great to be involved in an exciting new piece at the beginning of its journey to the Theatre Royal Haymarket stage. James Meunier

Spending the week working with such an inspirational theatre director was truly amazing. The opportunity to watch and learn the way he worked with his actors would have been an experience enough, but the chance to actually be part of that and under Trevor’s direction was immense. The experience is something that will make me a stronger and more efficient performer in the future. Christien Bart-Gittens

This was such an exciting opportunity, not only to work with the legend that is Trevor Nunn but also to work on an iconic story which has already had life as a hugely successful film. Walking into the rehearsal room there was such a sense of beginning and newness; a group of people had come together to tell this story in a completely new live way. It was great working with a writer in the room as the whole process feels really collaborative; everyone is working together on this one piece you can sense that something is brewing and bubbling in the air.

This fast paced workshop environment required absolute precision in our working.   It was really fun to be so active in the scenes and we had to be so present and aware at all moments what was going on. I found the best way to learn all these movements and sequences were to really focus on the story that we were telling in that moment.

I really loved being a part of this company for the week and playing all of the little characters that show up in this story. We Masterclassers had such fun creating our characters and it felt brilliant to be a part of something which had been developed in under two weeks (in our case 3 and half days) and to be sharing that work with producers and casting directors who will now join the creative team to take this story further along in its journey. This was such a fun week with a wonderful group of talented, kind and generous people. Mr Trevor Nunn’s rehearsal room is a happy one! Maria McColgan

Masterclass have provided an amazing opportunity for young actors by allowing a group to be part of the workshop process for Fatal Attraction that will soon be on at the Haymarket. It was brilliant to work with such accomplished actors and the excellent Trevor Nunn, who was welcoming and friendly right from day one. I can’t imagine how I would have been part of this without the support of Masterclass and I am very grateful! Boris Mitkov

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